Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blood Spec Tanking :P

Today, I decided to spend some time on my death knight, Shyama. She is just so much fun. As you can see, she got a cute little Wood Frog pet today, while she was leveling up professions in Mulgore and decided to stop on by the Dark Moon Faire. She got two achievements from hanging out in Mulgore today: [Can I Keep Him?] and [Explore Mulgore].

Shyama also went through Mana-Tombs today as a tank. I've never tanked as a death knight before, and have little experience in tanking in general; plus, Shyama is specced blood. Despite that fact, she actually did rather well tanking and kept aggro just fine and with no wipes. :)

Later, she was invited to go to Sethekk Halls just dpsing. This was quite a "fail run", because the tank was a bit of a noob and we wiped multiple times. We did manage to do the entire instance, though.

She also got two spontaneous achievements today: [Got My Mind On My Money] and [Know Thy Enemy].

And finally, she dinged 68, which means that she can officially go to Northrend now. I think I'm going to pay proper respect to the previous Burning Crusade expansion, though, and level her to 70 in Outlands. It'll make Northrend leveling go by much more smoothly too, I think.

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