Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Introduction

Hello all. I feel an introduction is in order before this blog begins.

I am a female gamer who is very much addicted to World of Warcraft. My real name is Marie, but you may all refer to me as Zila or Z. Zila is my main; she is a level 80 Undead Warlock on the PvE server Kul Tiras. (For the Horde!)

As you can see by my armory so far, I am not amazingly geared out just yet, but I am definitely getting there. Getting geared is very nice, but I know that gear gets outdated quickly, so it's never been a main goal of mine.

My main love in WoW is getting achievements, mounts, pets, all that "useless" stuff. I am quite the gold whore as well, and am currently sitting on... well... a good amount. xD I am also the proud owner of an Albino Drake from the achievement [Leading the Calvary]. I have 52 mounts so far (the 52nd is the War Bear from [For the Horde]).

The guild I belong to (Bring Out Your Dead) is incredible. Not that we are an "epic raiding guild" or anything like that, but we are very close knit and made up of wonderful, awesome people. Our guild master is actually a middle-aged woman, which is very empowering for a fellow female gamer.

I am also an "altoholic" and have way too many, so there will be updates on those as well.

The goal I have in mind for this blog is mostly to pat myself on the back for various things I accomplish in the game, and also to geek out about things involving WoW, post funny screenshots of conversations, etc.

I also encourage anyone who decides to read this blog to respond with their own experiences. I love sharing. :)

That's all for an intro I think. Keep on gaming!