Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noblegarden MADNESS

So much has happened recently. First some Imma developments.
Imma went to Stormwind to train after dinging level 32. There was a level 80 druid around that area, and he informed me that I needed a head piece but that all my other gear was good. I replied that I definitely needed a head item, and then he said to meet him at the Auction House. o___o I had no idea that he would be generous enough to buy me a helm; I wasn't expecting any kind of gesture like that. This insanely nice guy then gives me the helm he just bought, along with 10 gold. As you can see from the screenshot, I was very thankful.
So thank you Darriss, noble Night Elf Druid. I may be "for the Horde", but you've earned major points for Alliance.

After that good fortune, I was able to play with my friend Byron for the first time. :D He recently transferred his Draenei Priest (Vampired) to Kul Tiras so he could level with Imma. I'm a bit sad that he's "for the Alliance", but he has a baby Blood Elf warlock that he'll eventually level, so he may be playing alongside Zila one day.
Anyways, we both had multiple quests for the Stockades, so we decided to two-man it-- Imma tanking, Vampired healing. I was pretty skeptical of the idea at first, but... we rocked. There were some scary moments (Those defias dudes can really run!) and one wipe, but other than that, we made it through the whole place successfully, earning an achievement and finishing our quests.
I'm getting more confident with Druid tanking. I'm specced as a hybrid dps/tank, and I think I'll start signing up to tank more. I'm liking it more than I thought I would.
I also want to take the time to praise Byron. He is a dynamite healer, even though he's specced Shadow. If you're on Kul Tiras and have a toon in the level 30s, I highly suggest calling on Vampired if you're looking for a badass priest to group with. The really amazing thing is, this is his first toon ever. I know that I was never as good as him when I first started. xD He'll be amazing at 80.

Gushing over my brilliant friend aside, I played on Zila late last night because.... NOBLEGARDEN STARTED!
Yes. The time has come once again for Zila to go into "crazy mode". Holiday achievements are "srs bsns" to me, because since the achievements began around Hallow's End, I have not failed to get Zila each Holiday title. You can bet that she'll be flying around on that beautiful Violet Proto Drake come September.
Anyways, Zila is just two achievements away from the title already. xD So far she has: [I Found One!], [Desert Rose], [Noble Garden], [Chocoholic], [Blushing Bride], and [Shake Your Bunny-Maker].
Zila just needs to pair up with a friend and go on down to Un Goro to complete [Hard Boiled]. Then I plan to search through more eggs in case I get lucky and find a Spring Rabbit. If not, I'll just buy one with my next 100 Chocolates, and get [Spring Fling].
I don't see why I wouldn't get the Noble title today. :) I'll be posting after that happens.

Happy egg hunting!

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