Thursday, April 23, 2009

Much Squeeing To Be Had

Much has happened as of late. :D First, Zila went on a Naxx 25 run (only got through Arachnid and part of Military) and got Faerlina's Madness. I'm super excited, since I needed an epic head piece. Now I just need to replace my robe...

Then I got Imma to level 30. (My highest level Alliance toon ever!) I've always wanted a kitty mount, so I'm very excited about her Spotted Frostsaber. :D

Then today... I had a very lovely surprise when I clicked on my Cracked Egg. I GOT THE REINS OF THE GREEN PROTO DRAKE!!! :'D I'd been farming that baby for weeks now.

Look at iiiiiit. So pretty. <3333

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