Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yay for Patch 3.1!

So lots of things have happened lately. The new patch has been super exciting. :D First of all, Zila went and got all three of those new level 30 mounts for the Horde: White Kodo, Black Wolf, Black Skeletal Warhorse. Her mount count is now at 55.
Her egg from the Oracles also hatched and she got the other Tickbird hatchling. I want that mount, though. Hopefully it'll be in this next egg!

I'm also very fond of the mounts swimming now. Makes it so much nicer when traveling short distances in water, especially when you misjudge the deepness of puddles. Look at my wolfie paddle. :D

I also checked out the brand new Argent Tournament. It's very cool, and let me just tell y'all right now, I'm getting all of those Horde mounts from it. Yup. I love all the new colors for them, though the kodo is lacking (as always); they have to get crazier colors for those things. Or at least interesting patterns.
Zila also got the achievement [A Simple Re-Quest] (finally!) for sticking with her cooking daily.

I finally gave the new patch excitement a break and played my baby druid Imma for a while. She accomplished many things! She's more specced for dps, but successfully tanked RFK, making a new friend in the process: Elethia, a great healer. The group that I ran with all praised me on my tanking, which made me super happy, because I'm a bit of a tanking noob. xD She dinged 28 during that run, and is well on her way to 29.

Imma also tore up Warsong Gulch, getting three achievements: [Capture the Flag], [Quick Cap], and [Warsong Expedience]. She would have also gotten her [Iron Man], but she died once in that battle.

And that's about it for now, guys. I hope to go to Ulduar soon, but... with Zila's gear, that's probably not going to happen very soon. xD Though I am super happy that Demonology got improved. I also put more talent points in Destruction so maybe I can go back to doing mainly fire spells, because I loved the damage I got with that. We'll see.

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